Hailimi Bristol is a gunrunner on the spaceship Sophie. Hailimi, called Hail, does what gunrunners typically do, and she does it in a daring and clever gunrunner way. She’s smart, sassy, bold, and can fight and shoot with the best of them. Life changes, however, when someone tries to kill her. Before they can finish the job, two Imperial Trackers arrive on the Sophie and snatch Hail away to their own ship. There, they inform her that she is now heir to the throne of Indrana, as her sisters and niece have been murdered and her empress mother is failing. Hail is less than thrilled, as she had never planned to go back to the regimented, claustrophobic life of royal princess. Reluctantly, she returns, and finds her life almost immediately in peril. Clearly, something is rotten in the heart of the Indranan Empire. Hail must use her gunrunner skills as she tries to uncover who is behind the plot against the throne.

Behind the Throne will appeal to Star Wars fans, as well as those who love a good space opera. If the politics and plotting behind the throne are your thing, a better title might be The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison. If you like your action fast and furious, then Behind the Throne is for you.

Annette G.