My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix

My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix is fantastic!  It takes place during the 1980s so I can relate to a lot of the cultural references.  The main characters are four private school teenagers (three are rich and one is there on scholarship).  It‘s easy to feel like you’re one of them as they eat their lunches together, yak about other kids and teachers, smirk their way through school assemblies meant to scare them away from sex, drugs, and alcohol.  They don’t seem to realize how great their lives are but are so self involved they do not realize it when things start to change or why.  It begins one day when they’re all lounging around on one of the family’s boats, drinking, and having fun.  They decide to try acid for the first time and are disappointed when it doesn’t seem to work.  One of the girls wanders off into the woods and is gone all night.  They find her in the morning and she seems freaked out but not abnormal.  Everything goes downhill from there.   This is not a traditional horror story and might attract those who do not normally read that genre.  There is an animal death towards the end that was sad but I pretty much saw it coming so I was prepared.  The book is styled like a high school yearbook and the author also wrote another unusual read called Horrorstor which is very different.  Both are great reads!

Stacy W.


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