In Anna Snoekstra’s Only Daughter a spoiled rich girl who is estranged from her family after causing them multiple problems decides to assume the identity of a missing girl who looks just like her.  She comes to this decision because she is tired of constant partying and picking up guys in bars so that she’ll have somewhere to lay her head at night plus she has now started having to shoplift for food.  When she is caught shoplifting her next meal, that’s when she starts crying and says that she is Rebecca Winter, who was abducted over 10 years ago.  She’s not really thinking, she just wants to get off the street and live a nice middle class life with parents, a warm house, and food on the table for a while.  But can she really fool Rebecca’s family and her best friend?  The original detectives?  What about things like DNA?  What if her real family sees her on the news and recognizes her?  And finally, who knows if Rebecca’s family is the nice family that they portray themselves to be?  You never know what goes on behind closed doors.  I sped through this book because it was hard to put down plus I had just finished a 700 plus page behemoth that was fairly boring.  Only Daughter was just what I needed!

Stacy W.