Pandora Ravenel is supposed to be seeking a husband. The London Season has started, and Pandora and her twin sister are at a society ball, dressed in their finest, to see and be seen by the town’s most eligible bachelors. Except Pandora has no interest in finding a husband. Instead, she’d rather be an independent business woman, busy with her board game business. Yet Pandora, an unusual young lady, tends to get herself into unusual situations. Even when trying to be on her best behavior, she still manages to become entangled in a scandalous situation with a handsome young rake, Gabriel St. Vincent. Gabriel, who has been very careful about avoiding marital traps during the Season, can’t believe he’s been pulled into a scandal with such an unsuitable girl. She’s high-spirited and opinionated and not at all good at fitting in with polite society. And yet, he can’t stop thinking about her.

Pandora resists being forced to marry for all she is worth. Gabriel finds himself wanting to marry Pandora at all costs. When Pandora stumbles into a dangerous situation in her business dealings, she must rely on Gabriel for help. Can two strong-willed people stay alive long enough to give their love a chance?

Lisa Kleypas is one of my favorite romance authors. She writes both historical and contemporary romance. Devil in Spring is the third book in the Ravenels series, which starts with Cold-Hearted Rake. It also features characters from her previous Wallflowers series, primarily the title Devil in Winter. Ms. Kleypas writes delightful characters–I love them all. Her dialogue is brilliant, and often makes me laugh. Truly an enjoyable book, and I can’t wait to see who is featured in the Ravenels, book 4.

Annette G.