The second book in the Outlander series begins with Claire returning to Scotland with her daughter, Brianna, in the year 1967. Claire is very mysterious towards her daughter as she researches what has happened to the clansmen she met while married to Jamie Fraser. While at a popular tourist spot honoring the fallen Highlanders during Bonny Prince Charlie’s failed rebellion, Claire un-expectantly sees something that makes her research efforts even more important and the truth about Brianna parentage and Claire’s disappearance in 1945 come forward. At first her daughter does not believe a word Claire is telling her. Then, after some help from a distant friend, Brianna sees what the stones of Craigh na Dun can really do.

In the midst of Claire’s 1967 investigation into the past, readers are also thrown back into 1744 when Jamie and Claire are married and living in France. Jamie and Claire hope to thwart Charles Stuart’s attempt to take back the throne by befriending important historic figures and trying to defer them from making fatal decisions. However, some ghosts from their recent past show up while they are trying to save the lives of thousands of clansmen before it is too late. Will Claire and Jamie complete their goal or is the future that Claire knows already written?

I can not say how much I loved Dragonfly in Amber. The historic detail was immense while discussing battle scenes to the latest French fashions in 1744. The love between Jamie and Claire was breathtaking. The humor and dialogue were well placed and the time traveling between 200 years wasn’t too overdone like it can be in other books that contain so much detail. And so begins another series obsession that I can’t get enough of…

Richelle B.