Can a “disadvantaged” girl survive in a classroom full of “norms”?

Recently I finished reading Earth Girl by Janet Edwards. This is an older novel that was released in 2013 that is part one of at least a three part series. The other titles in this series are Earth Star (2014) & Earth Flight (2015). The main character in this novel is Jarra whom is considered handicapped as her immune system will shut down if she leaves Earth’s environment. Thus she is forced to live on Earth permanently without a chance to explore the rest of the star systems that Earth had setup after the portal’s that are used to go in between worlds came online.

Jarra signs up for university coursework with an off world college to study pre-history. She thinks the first year will be a cinch since it takes place on Earth but she could not be more wrong.

What adventures and discoveries will Jarra and her classmates have during their first year of prehistory coursework on Earth?

Will she be treated the same as the “norms” or will they pick on her due to her

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JoLene L.