How to eat in the woods : a complete guide to foraging, trapping, fishing, and finding sustenance in the wild by Bradford Angier is one of the best survival guides I’ve ever read.  This is not a book about what is edible to add to your salad from the forest or how to live in an isolated area where you can only get to the store every month or so.  This is “I’m in the middle of nowhere with no food or water for days what do I do?”  If you are starving and dehydrated, don’t eat!  You will only dehydrate yourself further.  If the only item available is lean meat, don’t eat!  You can die from eating only lean meat after a few days (Who knew?  Apparently outdoorsy people up north know this).  Unless you know what you’re doing, avoid mushrooms altogether – don’t even bother trying to identify them with a guidebook.  The book also covers various ways to make a fire, make traps and snares, skinning and butchering, making weapons and stealing fresh kills from wolves, coyotes, or bears (!). Very interesting.

Stacy W.