With the interest in all things 80s these days, Finale by Thomas Mallon should be an extremely popular read.  A fictionalized account of the Reagan years, it’s got all the players – the Reagans, Moynihan, O’Neill, Dole, Iran-Contra, perestroika, Just say No, etc., etc.  Always a political junkie, I really, really enjoyed this book.  Geez, I remember being just a young’un at the time-being so annoyed at Tipper Gore and her Parents Music Resource Center.  Here we are years later and the artist she deemed was so awful – Prince – we just lost and even our president has mourned his passing.  Mallon skips around so you read different points of view from Democrat to Republican, people with high status and lower echelon workers.  If you lived through these times and followed the news or at least follow political history you will love this book.  Now I think I’ll read his previous book Watergate and enjoy reading about G. Gordon Liddy and the gang!

Stacy W.