Kitchen Hacks by America’s Test Kitchen

If any of you are familiar with the Cook’s Illustrated and/or Cook’s Country magazines you will be familiar with the shortcuts and tips in every issue.  America’s Test Kitchen has now put together hundreds of these for their book Kitchen Hacks.  Some tips are things I would never have thought of, some are ones I should have thought of, and some I will never use but it is still interesting to browse all the sections of the book.  One I should’ve thought of:  when pouring liquid from a pan that is to go back on your stove burner it seems like there’s always a drip that goes down the outside of the pan.  Well, instead of turning the pan right side up after pouring out the contents, continue to turn the pan (so one full rotation) until it ends up right side up.  Any drips would then be on the inside of the pan!  I cannot believe I have never thought of that.  This book is divided into sections for cleaning, food storage, reheating, substitutions, and food prep, etc.  My only beef with the book is the word “hack” because I feel like it’s one of those trendy terms right now that everyone’s using (am I the only one who gnashes her teeth when  I hear “at the end of the day” or “hashtag” or various other overused words?).  Anyway, as with just about everything America’s Test Kitchen puts out, this book is golden.

Stacy W.


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