Denizen Hardwick knows his name and his birthday, but nothing else about his life before coming to live at Crosscaper Orphanage. Just before his thirteenth birthday, Denizen finds out he has an aunt, and he is going to live with her. Denizen is picked up by a mysterious man named Gray, and on the way to his aunt’s the pair are attacked by a creature out of nightmare. Denizen learns that this creature is from another world entirely, and that his aunt and her colleagues have been fighting those creatures for years. Denizen finds himself drawn into their fight, even as he tries to learn more about his parents and past life. The group calls themselves the Knights of the Borrowed Dark, and each of the Knights has their own talent and strength within the group. Denizen, it seems, may be one of the most powerful of all. Meanwhile, more of the creatures invade Crosscaper Orphanage, putting the residents in deadly peril. Can Denizen learn how to use his true power and help to save them all?
I very much enjoyed this book, and my only complaint is that I wish it had been longer. Denizen seems to have a frightening fate. His power seems vital to the Knights of the Borrowed Dark and the creatures they face are terrible indeed. Yet, he bravely embraces this new life as he earns the respect of the other Knights. The story is dark and dire, but lightened with just the right sprinkling of warmth and humor. For those who love Harry Potter and the books of Rick Riordan.

Annette G.