Recently I finished reading The Loners by Lex Thomas. This is an older novel that was released in 2012 and is part one of at least a four part series called Quarantine. The other titles in this series are The Saints (2013), The Burnouts (2014) & The Giant (2016).

An ordinary school day leads to chaos and quarantine for the students of McKinley High. McKinley High is put under an extreme quarantine due to a biochemical disaster that allowed an infect teenager to try to take shelter at the school and thus they have infected all the students that were under 18 in the school. Anyone over 18 meets a gory unnatural death.

With no adult leadership this book reminded me a bit of Lord of the Flies by William Golding.

The school breaks into groups such as the jocks, pretty ones, nerds and among the others the loners. It is a fight for survival for the students and with the government not giving them any updates concerning the disaster each student is left to join a group and try to survive.

This book has it’s fair share of action, drama and romance. If you are looking into a book concerning the above I would recommend this one for sure!

Be sure to pick up this great read from TCPL in the YA section.

JoLene L.