Claire Randall is in Scotland in 1945 after being reunited with her husband, Frank, after both of them served in World War II. While in Scotland Claire continues her hobby of botany, which leads her to an ancient stone circle called Craigh na Dun. While studying a flower, she places her hand on one of the stones and ends up in the year 1743. Chaos ensues as she is ambushed by a British dragoon, who is an ancestor of her husband, Frank. Then she is kidnapped by Scottish Highlanders and taken to the castle of the clan MacKenzie. During this entire ordeal, she is befriended by a young Scot named Jamie Fraser. Many escape plots by Claire are foiled because of the heightened senses of the clan MacKenzie because they think she is possibly a British spy. Then during one of her escapes, she is caught by the same man who ambushed her when she first came to 1743, Jonathan ‘Black Jack’ Randall. She is then forced to marry James Fraser in order to have clan protection from the British. More chaos ensues and Claire finds herself falling deeply in love with the red-haired Scotsman. But how can she choose between the life she knew with Frank and the life she has now with Jamie?

Before starting Outlander, I was unsure if I would like the story premises. A timetraveling lady falls in love with a Highlander? (Insert eye rolling) However, there is much more than a romance involved in this story. Between an enthralling sense of historical accuracy, some witty dialogue between the many characters, and the interesting dynamic between Jamie and Claire, I found myself falling deeply in love with the book (and maybe Jamie Fraser). Good thing there is several books in the series with the author writing another book to add so I can continue my obsession with the ‘Outlander’ series.

Richelle B.