Rain Dogs by Adrian McKinty

What else can I say about Adrian McKinty’s mysteries that I haven’t said already?  When he comes out with a new one, I almost don’t want to start it because I don’t want it to end!  His latest Rain Dogs is just as top notch as his previous works that feature Northern Ireland Detective Sean Duffy during the time of the Troubles.  Duffy is tasked with solving an unsolvable murder that was made to look like a suicide in a locked space that no-one could enter.  This is the second time in Duffy’s career that this kind of scenario has happened and he realizes that it’s too much of a coincidence that it has happened again.  The murder victim was a journalist working on a tip about a pedophilia ring involving prominent citizens and also met with a member of the police department about opening an investigation before she died.  The police officer is then killed by a car bomb supposedly planted by the IRA.  As usual, McKinty’s descriptions of Northern Ireland life and working as a police officer during the time of the Troubles is fantastic-this isn’t the bright green grass and shamrocks Ireland this is dark gray concrete and mercury tilt bombs planted under cars Ireland.  Awesome read!  I will say a change comes in Detective Duffy’s life at the end of the book that makes me worry for the future of the series but hopefully a tragedy is coming that will keep Duffy as he is now and not make him a softy!

Stacy W.


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