Revolver by Duane Swierczynski

Duane Swierczynski’s  Revolver follows the Walczak family (especially those who serve as police officers) during 3 distinct time periods: 1965, 1995, and 2015.  The setting is Philadelphia – particularly the working class and poorer areas of the city.  In 1965 there were quite a few race riots and officer Stan Walczak’s partner is hurt on the job during one.   He is then paired with an African American officer who is a real firebrand about wanting to clean up corruption and weed out dirty cops.  Not surprisingly this does not go over well and the two officers become targets.  Eventually they are killed but by who?  In 1995 Stan’s son Jim is working as a homicide detective and thinks he knows the identity of his father’s murderer.  He keeps working the case, plotting revenge and stalking the killer.  In 2015 Jim’s daughter Audrey is failing college and on a lark proposes to look into her grandpa’s murder as a last ditch effort to keep herself from being kicked out of school.  Her professor agrees and as she investigates she realizes her father might have had it all wrong….Very good.

Stacy W


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