I have to admit I am a fan of women who are powerful in any of the fictional books I read. Ruined by Amy Tintera is another prime example of a heroine named Em that is powerful, skillful, and mischievous at times. Em’s home world has been damaged by war and her parents were killed and her Ruined sister is missing. Ruined in Em’s home world are highly revered, however in the rest of the surrounding kingdoms they are feared due to their magical powers. Em has a plan that will save her sister as well as enact revenge up the enemy’s kingdom. Her ingenious idea was to infiltrate the enemy and pretend to be the prince’s betrothed Mary. At first her plan is going well to kill the enemy but as the book goes on her feelings start to change. Will it be enough of a change of feelings to save her sister and the rest of the Ruined?

Jolene L.