Six people, the entire crew of a spaceship on an extended voyage, are murdered. In most books, that would be the end of story, as no one would be alive to tell the rest. But in this book, the murdered crew are clones, and as soon as they are killed, the computer reawakens them in a new clone body. Typically, they would be reborn with all their memories leading up to their last time of death. And so it should be a simple thing to work out who killed whom so that justice can be done.

But in this particular case, the six clones wake up missing 25 years of memories. For these people, they only remember when they first arrived on the ship and nothing more. And yet, their previous bodies have clearly suffered a bad end, for the evidence is before them. To top it all off, their computer artificial intelligence has been damaged, and a great deal of data has been lost. Now, the six crew members must figure out what has happened to them for the past 25 years, and figure out how that might have lead to their murders. Evidence is gathered, and characters assessed. All six characters share their points of view, and you, the reader get a chance to try and solve a locked room mystery, in space.

I really enjoyed Six Wakes. The science behind the fiction was credible enough for me to suspend my disbelief and become immersed in the story. I love mystery stories and I love scifi, so this book was a real treat.

Annette G.