A Wedding for Christmas by Lori Wilde

‘Tis the season for cheesy, but adorable, romance novels. This is not the first Twilight, Texas book that I have read by Lori Wilde and each time I read one I fall in love with the quaint town and hilarious characters all over again.
In this novel we visit the other side of the story from I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Twilight, Texas #6), in which Gabi Preston hightails it from Malibu, California to Twilight, Texas to swap house with Katie Cheeks whom she met online. Subsequently, Gabi falls in love with Katie’s older brother, Joe, while she is living in Katie’s yurt.  Surprise, surprise!

In A Wedding For Christmas (Twilight, Texas #7), we learn a bit about how Katie spent her time (involving a tackle, a surprise from the past, and a one-nighter) in Malibu, California while living in Gabi’s apartment. A year later, those events come back in full force for Katie while planning Gabi and Joe’s Christmas Eve wedding, when Joe invites Ryder Southerland (Katie’s surprise visit and one-nighter from last Christmas) to be his Best Man. Let the drama and laughs commence!

Richelle B.


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