I should never have been nervous to read Adrian McKinty’s latest Police at the Station and They Don’t Look Friendly.  The reason I was hesitant was because in McKinty’s last Detective Duffy book, Duffy became seriously involved with a woman named Beth and they had a baby.  In general, in novels and TV shows, I like detectives to be very competent but single and married to the job (or they can be involved with someone if the job comes first).  A lot of times once a significant other is introduced everything goes downhill and everything starts being about the relationship which is not what I want to see or read.  Luckily for me, McKinty pays short attention to the relationship – yeah, Duffy loves her and the kid and would do anything for them blah blah blah but the book is still about a murder and how Duffy and his team start tying it to something that happened 20 years ago that was all but covered up.  I love the way McKinty writes – describing Duffy roughing up a suspect he says he “flung him into the aluminum walls of his house, aluminum that if it had somehow become sentient would no doubt have relished the action, having been in a previous incarnation the panels of a fighter plane…”  Fantastic action when the IRA comes calling to kill him and his family at 3 in the morning – shady Protestant neighbor with an M249 definitely has his back.  So his girl and the baby get bundles off to her parents out of harm’s way, he publicizes that he is moving on to other cases and secretly keeps digging.  His girl starts looking at places for them to move to in Scotland because she is tired of violent Northern Ireland.  I’m hoping that Duffy will tell her to hit the bricks (he can see the kid on weekends) or she is killed in the next installment – he can’t leave Northern Ireland!  Love, love, love this series!

Stacy W.