Jessica Sorensen is known as one of the founding authors for the new genre, New Adult. She doesn’t disappoint in this college age novel, but be forewarned that there are themes of abuse.

Main characters, Callie and Kayden seem to live completely different lives. Callie has been the “freak” for the last 4+ years while Kayden has been the star of the football team. But through a series of events that unfold, we learn that they aren’t so different after all and both are harboring harmful and tragic secrets from the world. The freedom of college allows the both of them to spread their wings and escape the confines of their secrets if only for a little while and the innocent “freak” and football star learn to be more than they once were. With a cast of characters that are both innocently real and heartbreakingly honest and loving, this book and it’s author has become one of my own all time favorites. What will happen when Callie and Kayden decide that enough is enough and the world needs to know? Will they find redemption in each other or in telling their secrets?

The Redemption of Callie and Kayden is the second book in Sorensen’s Coincidence series.

Brittany R.