In A Court of Wings and Ruin the reader starts almost right where the second books ends with Feyre returning to the Spring Court to find out what she can about Tamlin’s alliance with the King of Hybern and to invoke a bit of revenge for what Tamlin has done to her, her family, and all of Prythian by forming such an alliance. As the story unfolds, many past and new characters appear to either help or destroy Prythian’s chance in the coming war against Hybern. Bloody battles ensue, new relationships are forged, and the world and human realm as they know it may crumble. It was hard for me to give a summary of the continuation of the A Court of Thorns and Roses series without giving too much away to fellow readers. I continue to love everything that Sarah J. Maas writes. The Throne of Glass series started my love for all things Sarah and has continued with both of her series and other writings. I fell hard for Feyre’s character; I fell even harder for Rhysand and his relationship with his friends and his relationship with Feyre. I mean, who doesn’t love a bad boy with tattoos who turns out to be the sweetest High Fae of them all?! I think we all need a Rhysand in our life. As I reread the A Court of Thorns and Roses series over and over again, I know I will continue to completely fangirl over the characters and settings and hope Sarah will add more stories about the beloved characters to the universe.

Richelle B.