Maggie Rose is a true crime writer and a lawyer. She uses her experience with the law to find enough doubt about convictions that the conviction is overturned the the prisoner is freed. And, of course, she writes about what she finds to earn her livelihood. Hamish Wolfe is a convicted serial killer, found guilty of murdering three woman and suspected of murdering a fourth. Hamish is convinced that he was wrongly convicted, and sets out to convince Maggie Rose to investigate his case and cast doubt on his guilt. Maggie Rose says no. And of course, Hamish tries harder to convince her.

This is the tale of two clever, interesting, and dynamic people. Both Maggie and Hamish have their own agenda, and their interactions are more like a dance than conversation as they maneuver to achieve their goals. Is Hamish guilty? Is Maggie Rose truly not interested in the case? This is a story where people are not what they seem, and I was kept guessing until the end when the final motives of the characters were revealed.

If you liked Girl on the Train or Gone Girl, then Daisy is Chains is for you. A twisty, intelligent read.

Annette G.