Rusty Puppy is another hilarious Hap and Leonard novel by Joe Lansdale that is both easy reading and hard to put down.  This time, Hap and Leonard are hired by a black woman to find out the circumstances of her son’s murder.  The son was a good kid who was never involved in anything illegal and a great student but somehow ended up dead in an area he never went that was notorious for illegal drug use.  The area police are completely uninterested, white, and in fact, extremely corrupt.  Hap and Leonard stumble around, ticking off everyone-good and bad-as they try to find out what happened.  Of course, the kid’s murder ends up being just one part of a whole tangled up evil mess which a lot of powerful people make a lot of money off of.  When Hap and Leonard start sticking their noses into things, those same people don’t take it too kindly.  As usual, the conversations are great – I’ve never seen the TV show based on this series but I’m told it’s good.  The only thing I would say is if political correctness is your cup of tea, stay away from this series!  Otherwise, highly recommended.

Stacy W.