Drums of Autumn is the fourth book in the Outlander series has Claire and Jamie starting out in the New World, aka the Carolinas and the subsequent settling in a harsh and unfamiliar territory. Between pirate raids and Native American friends, the Frasers eventually settle on Fraser’s Ridge and start a new life in the wilderness.

Meanwhile, Brianna is connecting with Roger more and more despite the distance between them. However, things change when Brianna makes a discovery that sends her back to the stones to find her mother without telling Roger. When Roger finds out that Brianna is gone, he enlists the help of his former housekeeper to send him back in time to find Brianna.

With everyone chasing each other thru time, there was plenty of room in the novel for fights, near death experiences, and Claire’s witty humor that made me laugh out loud at times. I really enjoyed this book in the series (like I have enjoyed all of the books so far!) and am excited for what the next novel will bring to the series!

Richelle B.