As someone who has had a love affair with cookies (especially the dough!) and baked them for decades, it’s hard to surprise me with any recipes I haven’t seen before. But cookbooks are just like running books to me – worth looking through just for that little nugget of information or inspiration that you might not have heard before. So did The
Perfect Cookie: Your Ultimate Guide to Foolproof Cookies, Brownies & Bars by America’s Test Kitchen have lots of new recipes for me to try? No. But I will read anything America’s Test Kitchen puts out whether it’s their magazines (Cook’s Country and Cook’s Illustrated) or any of their cookbooks. I appreciate how they research each recipe and try to make it in different ways so that they can explain why some things work and others do not. The value of this cookbook for me was 2 pages of explanations on brownies-mixing, brown sugar vs. sugar, oil or butter or both, glass or metal pans. The difference all those choices make is amazing and the book shows pictures of the differences. If you are a novice cookie baker or want to gift someone a cookbook on cookies, you could do no better than this cookbook.

Stacy W.