This short novella When We Touch introduced me to the small town of Whiskey Creek, California and the love stories that seem to happen there in the most unlikely places. The story begins with Olivia Arnold on her way back home from Sacramento to help plan her sister’s wedding. The wedding Olivia was supposed to have to Kyle Houseman, her boyfriend of more than a year. But Olivia decided to experience life outside of Whiskey Creek and moved to Sacramento, in turn taking a break from her and Kyle’s relationship to focus on building her wedding consulting business. Olivia’s jealous sister, Noelle, has always wanted whatever Olivia has had, so Noelle decides to “comfort” Kyle in Olivia’s absence… and ends up pregnant. So, Olivia and Noelle’s parents have asked Olivia to help plan Kyle and Noelle’s upcoming nuptials, even with knowing that Olivia and Kyle were in love, and Olivia (being the good daughter) says yes.

When Olivia first sees the sign welcoming her back to Whiskey Creek, she can’t bear the heartache that is sure to happen over the next week with her sister marrying Olivia’s former intended so she pulls over and has bit of a breakdown. Then, a knock sounds on Olivia’s car window and Brandon (Kyle’s stepbrother, for those of you following along) asks if she is okay. So begins a quick and reckless romance between Olivia and Brandon. First it is a way for Olivia to get back at Kyle for what happened between him and Noelle, but it quickly becomes a deeper type of love that Olivia ever had with her former boyfriend. Between, Kyle trying to do what is right, Brandon becoming aware that maybe life in the fast lane isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, and Olivia learning that opinions of those around her aren’t always the most important thing, a love story unfolds between unlikely soulmates.

I first was introduced to Brenda Novak through her other suspense/romance novels, so I decided to try a more lighthearted romance written by her and instantly fell in love with Whiskey Creek and it’s cast of characters. I really liked how the story wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine all of the time and the personalities of the main characters really shined through. I will definitely be reading more tales from Whiskey Creek.

Richelle B.