Gail DeMarco was born and raised in the small town of Whiskey Creek, California. But she left her home behind to move to Los Angeles and has created a PR empire that lists some of the biggest celebs among its roster. One of those names was Simon O’Neal, until Gail could not handle his self-destruction anymore and told the world her opinion of him. Then Simon’s manager decides to get even with Gail by calling in a few favors. Pretty soon, Gail’s PR firm is starting to crumble because her clients are deciding to use a rival PR firm instead. So Gail decides to apologize to Simon for her comments before her business completely fails. However, one of her assistants decides to spread a nasty rumor about Simon to get even so Gail’s apology ends up being useless. So, to save Simon’s career (and life) and to save Gail’s business, Gail and Simon’s manager concoct a scheme in which Gail and Simon marry!

However, this is not a conventional marriage. It is set to last only two years while Gail helps clean up Simon’s image and Simon sets his life on track in order to see his little boy again. Soon Gail realizes that Simon’s self-destructive behavior isn’t because he’s “Hollywood’s Bad Boy”, but because Simon’s heart is broken by what his ex-wife has and is continuing to put him through. Then after a life-threatening accident, Gail decides to bring Simon home to Whisky Creek, to save their careers and to save Simon’s life. Throughout their ordeal, Simon falls in love with Gail and her no-nonsense attitude. And Gail falls in love with Simon’s caring outlook on life, despite outward appearances. Maybe marriage isn’t such a bad thing after all?

Brenda Novak continues to delight me with her romances! I really loved reading When Lightning Strikes (Whiskey Creek #1) because I found the banter between Gail and Simon hilarious, but I also found their growing love amazing. It isn’t the first bad boy turns good guy romance story that I have read, and it most certainly won’t be the last!

Richelle B.