Cheyenne Christensen has never had the easiest life. With her mother raising her and her sister moving from town to town, Cheyenne did not start school until she was 14 years old and that was only because Cheyenne mother was diagnosed with cancer, forcing her mother to finally settle down somewhere. Cheyenne feels the only right thing her mother ever did was settle down in Whiskey Creek, where Cheyenne became friends with people her own age and finally blossomed.

Now the cancer is back with a vengeance and Cheyenne is forced to take care of her mother while watching her slowly wither away while also working a full-time job at her best friend’s family’s bed and breakfast, watching her sister take the same path as their mother, and worrying that she’ll never get the answer to what her early memories of a blond woman with toys all around means. Then her best friend decides to finally ask her crush out on a date, which also happens to be Cheyenne’s longtime crush, but Cheyenne does not want to lose her best friend so she encourages the romance. However, her friends all go on a cruise over the Christmas holidays, leaving Cheyenne in Whiskey Creek to oversee the renovation of the bed and breakfast and to continue taking care of her mother.

While her friends are on a cruise to the Bahamas, Cheyenne runs into her crush (yes, the one that just went on a date with her best friend) and he finally decides that maybe he should look into Cheyenne as a potential love interest. Cheyenne could not be more thrilled until she runs into Dylan Amos, the oldest brother of the infamous Amos Brothers. Then, Dylan and Cheyenne start an illicit love affair and Cheyenne isn’t sure how she feels about it all. Did she make a mistake? Surely someone like her does not want to get involved with the notorious Dylan Amos? But soon Cheyenne falls in love, but which with which guy?

There was A LOT going on in When Snow Falls, Whiskey Creek #2. Between Cheyenne searching for the truth about her birth, Cheyenne’s relationship with Dylan and Joe growing, and all the various characters in Cheyenne’s life, it was a book I could not put down. Now onto another Whiskey Creek romance!

Richelle B.