If you have not read Malcolm Mackay yet, you need to get to it! His latest Every Night I Dream of Hell follows Nate Colgan who is the “security consultant” for the group of
criminals that run the underworld in Glasgow. The big boss has been thrown in jail and some of the underlings are getting ideas about taking over as the leader while he is
incarcerated. Meanwhile, some criminal outsiders have moved to town looking to take over everything and guess what? They are being strung along by Nate’s ex-girlfriend (and mother of his child) Zara. Everyone is double crossing everyone else and the police are looking to make arrests but avoid a gang war. I really like Nate-hi s only weak spot is his daughter (who lives with her grandparents) but other than that he has no personal life nor does he allow himself a personal life. He is very committed to doing his job and doing it right-people are intimidated by him before he even opens his mouth or uses his fists and he works hard at keeping his reputation. Frankly, if he would lose the daughter (maybe the grandparents could take her and move to another country?) he would be the perfect bad guy. A nice violent read.

Stacy W.