The story begins with following the thoughts of an eleven-year-old girl, named Jazzie, who hasn’t had the easiest life. Between her abusive father leaving her mother to care for Jazzie and Jazzie’s younger sister, Janie, without any means for survival and the social repercussions of becoming poor, Jazzie has experienced a lot for her young age. However, things get even worse when Jazzie comes home to discover her mother dead on the floor of the living room in their tiny apartment. And when Jazzie makes the discovery, she also inadvertently finds out who murdered her mother.

Meanwhile, we catch up with the Baltimore crew that we have come to love despite their many flaws. Daphne’s son, Ford, is still reeling from the kidnapping and betrayal he suffered a year and a half ago. Clay has married Stevie and now has a daughter to call him “Dad” but he is still searching for his missing daughter who was hid from him by his vindictive ex-wife for 20 years.  Taylor, aka Sienna, comes to Daphne’s Healing Hearts equine therapy program looking for her father, but finds herself connecting to Jazzie, the traumatized girl who has only spoken to Taylor since that awful day. Between getting shot at, discovering her father wasn’t the Monster in the Closet, and helping keep Jazzie and Janie safe, Taylor connects with Ford on a deep emotional and physical level.

I have read several of Karen Rose’s Romantic Suspense books and have really liked them all. This one was no exception! The drama and the romance has always kept me interested in her books and I will definitely continue to follow her series as she comes out with more!

Richelle B.