The god Apollo has fallen on hard times. Having angered his father, Zeus, Apollo finds himself cursed to live as a human, teenage boy named Lester. Apollo is pretty sure this is the worst thing that can happen to him…he even has acne! In this second book in the series after The Hidden Oracle, Apollo finds himself in Indianapolis, facing a villain named Commodus. (Yes, this is the guy that the commode is named after.) The story has a mechanical dragon, griffins, snakes, and lots and lots of humor. Apollo must defeat the bad guy, help his friends, try not to get killed, and get the prophecy that will show him the next step to in his journey to regain his favor with Zeus. It’s a lot to manage, all while navigating the streets (and zoo!) in Indianapolis.

Before reading The Dark Prophecy, you’ll want to read the first book, The Hidden Oracle.

Annette G.