I got a big kick out of The Culinary Bro-Down Cookbook by Josh Scherer. Although I thought a lot of the recipes looked gross, they looked gross in an “oh my gosh that’s like a week’s worth of calories in one serving” kind of way not a “there’s no way I  would ever crave that rabbit food” type of way. First of all, you have to actually READ the cookbook-not just flip through the recipes. For example, I love his kitchen hack #7 – trusting what you are seeing happening in front of you more than simply relying on the recipe’s times and temperatures. Cooking is not baking and as he says, as long as his oil is somewhere between 325 and 400 those tater tots are gonna get crispy! As someone who is in love with plain pancakes I would have no interest in his “Cap’n Drunk Pancakes” but love how he describes his top ingredient: “4 cups nondescriptly flavored golden square breakfast cereal whose mascot holds military rank”. I do think his “Smothered Dino Nuggets” and “Meatball Bread Bowls” look delicious. Even if you do not make any recipes you have to read his section on the birthday cakes he has created in the past…hilarious. Also, be sure to read the section on how to shop at gas stations. What I like best about this cookbook is that he celebrates all the food that is supposed to be horrible for us – the more processed…the better. It’s just refreshing – sometimes it gets old being preached to all the time about what we should be eating/not eating for our health (I even get preachy to myself on this subject – like eating a piece of Spam would be the worst thing I could possible do). Very entertaining!

Stacy W.