Ten years ago, Darrow led a revolution that freed his people. This same revolution shattered the existing society’s class structure, with the hope that everyone could then share the same freedoms. Yet, ten years after the revolution, it has become clear that all this victory accomplished was to unleash an endless war. Factions form, alliances shift, and discord grows. When the tide turns against Darrow, he undertakes a desperate quest to end the violence once and for all. This forth book of the Red Rising series lets us see, through the eyes of Darrow and three other characters, this next stage of the story. Through their eyes we see that winning a war creates its own set of problems.

Pierce Brown is such a wonderful writer: his books are fast paced, intelligent, and full of wisdom. They are full of exceptional world building, complex characters, and convincing politics. I am already looking forward to Dark Age, Red Rising book 5, coming in fall of 2018. Before reading Iron Gold, you will certainly want to read Red Rising, Golden Son, and Morning Star, the first three books in this highly recommended series.

Annette G.