After the war with Hybern, their world has vastly changed. Lands need rebuilding and politics need worked out, but Feyre and crew still want to make this year’s Winter Solstice a special one. Throughout the continuation of Feyre’s story, we catch up on how the war has affected our favorite characters emotionally and physically.

First off, I love everything that Sarah J. Maas writes. I first discovered her when I saw A Court of Thorns and Roses come through the library and thought that it had an interesting cover. From chapter one, I was hooked.  Her Throne of Glass series is amazing, as well. I really liked A Court of Frost and Starlight; however, I was slightly disappointed with this part of the story. I could definitely tell that she was using this book as a bridge toward focusing more on other characters, rather than on Feyre and Rhysand. I also felt that it was an odd time of year for this novella to come out. It was published in May, yet it describes the wintry scenes of Velaris. It seemed like it should have been more of book that should be read during the holiday season. BUT, I still love this series so I was overall happy about getting to read more about the fascinating world of High Fey.

Richelle B.