Harriet Westaway, a tarot reader by trade, is in trouble. Paying clients are sparse, and her bills are plentiful. All alone in the world since her mother’s death, Harriet made an unfortunate decision to borrow money from a loan shark to make ends meet. And, of course, that decision has made for more trouble, as she can’t pay the loan back either. One night, Harriet realizes she has no way out of her financial hole, and despair consumes her. And on that night, she receives a mysterious letter claiming she has received an inheritance from her grandmother. The trouble? Harriet is certain that the letter has reached the wrong Harriet Westaway, as she does not have any family. Yet, desperation drives her to travel to see about this claim. Harriet’s act of deception leads her on a path of danger, secrets, and lies.

I love Ruth Ware’s books. The Death of Mrs. Westaway has a creepy, Gothic quality, one full of enigmatic suspects and unexpected murder. If you like the works of Agatha
Christie, you will certainly like this book.

Annette G.