What do you do as your 13th birthday nears and on that day you will become a siren like your three older sisters? Lolly Salt does not enjoy singing ships to their doom but when the Sea Witch calls she and her sisters must answer that call. Lolly lives in a modern Maine but through a diary finds that there are connections to the past and a witch trial of the late 1700s. Lolly is best friends with Jason and with his help she sets out to break the curse on her family and, as she discovers, the curse on the witch. Lolly is a compelling young lady fairly sure of her place in the world, except for the siren problem. Her mother was Native American and Lolly wonders why Native Americans are left out of the “American Vision” textbook she is assigned for History class. Her discussion with her teacher brings that home in an intelligent way that should get us all thinking. Siren Sisters has a nice combination of friendship, magic, and a modern touch.

Mynda C.