I can’t even explain how good Ken Bruen’s books are. Is it the story lines or the main character that’s so great? I’m gonna go with just the way he writes – the reading itself is just pure pleasure. His latest The Ghosts of Galway is no exception. The story features Bruen’s ex Guard Jack Taylor and Taylor’s crush/nemesis, the evil Emily. Jack goes to work for a short time as a security guard and his boss wants him to do some “side work.” Although the side work itself is not anything illegal, it puts Jack in the middle of a lot of illegal activity and greediness. Of course, then this leads to the deaths of some who are closest to Jack’s heart. I was surprised 3 different times while reading this book which isn’t something that happens often when you’ve read as many mysteries as I have. And Jack’s thoughts! And the dialogue! I never think I could run while listening to a talking book but maybe I should try it with one of Bruen’s novels – there’s just a rhythm to the writing that really hooks you. Highly, highly recommended!

Stacy W.