Mighty Jack by Ben Hatke

It’s summer, and Jack is left at home to take care of his autistic sister, Maddy, while his mother works two jobs to support the family. For Jack, this means chores and boring days. But one day, Maddy, who never speaks, sees a box of seeds at a street fair and she tells Jack to buy them. Jack is so astonished that his sister spoke that he does buy the seeds, even though they cost him his mother’s car. The seeds, of course, turn out to be magic, and the adventure begins. The seeds, of course, grow magical plants in a magical garden. Jack, Maddy, and their friend Lilly, who regularly carries a sword, learn about their new magical garden. Some of the garden is friendly, but some of it is not. And one special night, a dragon visits the garden, and that changes everything…

Mighty Jack is a special book, full of whimsy, friendship, and courage. I love Ben Hatke’s artwork, and how he mixes complex topics in with non-stop action. If you haven’t read any of Mr. Hatke’s work, please try Zita the Spacegirl. And of course, read the continued adventure of Jack, Maddy, and Lilly in Mighty Jack and the Goblin King.

Annette G.

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