Why is Chicago a blue collar city with amazing architecture? Dwarves! Yes, indeed. Dwarves live within and below the great city of Chicago and have strongly influenced its development. And if you would like to know how the Great Chicago Fire happened, well, it’s lucky it wasn’t on a Thursday or it would have been worst. In The Legend of Greg, Greg Belmont says Thursdays are the worst. This adventure of Greg’s begins on a Thursday, and it is a doozy. From this one experience, Greg’s life spirals into a world he never could have imagined. Greg discovers that he is a Dwarf and has been attending a private school primarily consisting of Elves. His father is kidnapped by a Rock Troll and Greg finds friends among the people he never knew. Then there is the great battle axe Bloodletter, although it prefers to go by the name of Carl, who will help him find and if necessary, revenge his father but Greg will have to be careful because, well . . . let’s hope it isn’t Thursday.

Mynda C.