Who is Brine Seaborne? Found 3 years earlier in a small boat at sea, she doesn’t know either or what her real name is. Assigned to be a maid in the house of a local mage, she spends her days cleaning and reading. In a strange set of circumstances, she finds herself on the run with Peter, apprentice to the mage. They end up as part of the crew of Cassie O’Pia and her pirates on the good ship Onion. This is a world of magic and hijinks. In book one, The Voyage to Magical North the crew heads north towards the source of magic. While there they fight the evil wizard Marfak West and find a dragon. In book 2, The Journey to Dragon Island the crew heads west to find the home of dragons and possibly Brine as well.Both of these books are good swashbuckling fun.

Mynda C.