Cassidy Blake’s parents are ghost hunters on TV, but Cassidy can actually see ghosts. Cassidy almost drowned when she was younger, but she was saved by Jacob, who turns out, is a ghost himself. The ordeal left Cassidy the ability to see ghosts, and left her with a new friend in Jacob. When Cassidy’s parents travel to Edinburgh, Scotland for their TV show, they take Cassidy and her sidekick Jacob along. There, in Scotland, the pair discover more ghosts than they know what to do with, including a scary ghost called the Red Raven. The Red Raven is trouble, and soon Cassidy and Jacob, with the help of their new friend Lara, must find a way to put an end to the evil ghost’s reign of terror.

City of Ghosts is a middle-grade novel that is shivery in all the right ways. Victoria Schwab has already established herself in the adult and young adult collections with titles like A Darker Shade of Magic (writing as V.E. Schwab), and This Savage Song. City of Ghosts looks to be the start of a promising series for younger readers.

Annette G.