Here’s an oldie but goodie: Out of the Woods by Chris Offutt. I was reading Grit Lit: A Rough South Reader from the wonderful service we offer called SRCS (statewide remote circulation service – we can get items for you from other Indiana libraries if TCPL does not have them) and Offutt’s work was mentioned as a good example of grit lit. TCPL has his Out of the Woods and it is pretty good. Short book, short stories. I really liked Two – Eleven All Around about a guy who has a girlfriend addicted to listening to the police scanner. If you ask her a question, she answers with a question. Loved it when he asked her how many other guys she had been with and she answered “what year?” I also enjoyed Moscow, Idaho about two ex-convicts digging up graves for the state so a highway can go through the cemetery. One of the convicts never shuts up which as we all know can be great as a time passer or annoying if you want some peace and quiet. If you liked Crimes in Southern Indiana by Frank Bill, you will like this book.

Stacy W.