WHEREAS, it is to the advantage of the residents of Tippecanoe County Public Library to be able to borrow library materials from the collections of other public libraries in Indiana who also adopt this Local Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement; and
WHEREAS, public libraries have been developed to promote free access to library materials available in organized collections of such materials in locally supported libraries; and
WHEREAS, the Statewide Library Card Program has been amended during the first regular session of the 108th General Assembly to provide for local reciprocal borrowing agreements; and
WHEREAS, the parties to this agreement are desirous of fulfilling their obligations and purposes in this regard by en tering into this agreement as provided un der IC 20-14-3-6 and IC 26-1-7 do
HEREBY, agree between them on behalf of the people in the above stated public library district ot permit any person holding a valid resident borrower’s card from any other library, which is a party to this agreement, to borrow library materials subject to the following conditions:
1. Users of this arrangement are expected to:
     a. conform to the rules and regulations of the library from which they borrow;
     b. present a valid resident borrower’s card issued by their local library;
     c. pay promptly all delinquency or lost materials charges they incur.
2. Participating libraries agree to assist each other, on request, in recovering materials.
3. Participating libraries may exclude services such as interlibrary loan requests and may limit borrowing to specific classes of materials under this agreement at their discretion, but a a minimum must allow borrowing of books in the circulating collection.
4. Participating libraries agree resident borrowers of the participating libraries are not required to present or process the Indiana Public Library Access Card in order to borrow library materials from the participating libraries.

Adopted December 7, 1993 by the Tippecanoe County Public Library.