TCPL’s Mobile Library brings the library to you

The Tippecanoe County Public Library’s Outreach Services Department uses the mobile library unit to deliver library services and resources to those who are un-served or underserved due to physical, economic, social, geographic, or other barriers.

Definition of Underserved Populations for Mobile Library Service priorities:


  • Communities of persons residing three or more miles from a public library facility


  • Communities/neighborhoods/educational institutions in which fees or rent are determined on a sliding scale or are government subsidized
  • Nursing Homes, Senior Housing, and Assisted Living facilities

Daycares/ Summer Camps:

In order for daycares and/or summer camps to be eligible for TCPL Mobile Library service they must be licensed, have at least 15 children ages 2-14 registered and meet at least one other criterion in the list below:

  • Located 2 miles or more from a library facility
  • Receive government assistance, enrollment fees determined on a sliding scale, or have children receiving government assistance
  • No facility owned vehicle(s) capable of legally transporting groups of children

The Mobile Library currently visits daycares once monthly.

For more information, please call the Outreach Services office at (765) 429-0169. 

Mobile Library
(765) 429-0169