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Your library account is your passport to a world of information and entertainment.

Having a Tippecanoe County Public Library card allows you to borrow items from the library and to access electronic databases, downloadables, and the Internet.  Please always have your library card and Personal Identification Number (PIN) with you when you call or visit the library. We offer a variety of ways for you to access information about your account.

  • In person at any of our locations
  • Online with TIPCAT’s My Account
  • Over the phone at (765)429-0123
  • Via a 24/7 automated line (765)429-0204

Please allow up to 48 hours for returned materials to be checked in. If returned materials are still on your account after that time frame, contact Circulation Services (765)429-0123 immediately.

What is my PIN?

You can use your library card number and PIN to access  databases and downloadable/streaming content. Your PIN is typically the last four digits of your phone number.  If this doesn’t seem to be correct, call us at (765)429-0123 for us to assist your further.

Why did my card expire?

Each year, your library account privileges will expire, and the library will confirm your contact information. To extend your account privileges for another year, you can call us at (765)429-0123 or visit any of our locations.  You may also request your library privileges be extended online through TIPCAT. Please complete the entire form even if your contact information has not changed and allow 48 hours for the request to be processed.  As soon as your information is updated, your borrowing privileges are restored for another year.

What do I need to know about checking out?

We offer a variety of materials for checkout. Any cardholder may have up to 75 total items checked out on their card at any one time. Different items will have their own checkout limits.  Most items may be checked out and renewed three times.

What are the item limits?

20 Fiction DVDs

20 Talking Books

20 Music CDs

20 Hoopla Downloads

10 Libby (Overdrive) Downloads

Unlimited Zinio Downloads


What if I’m not finished with my items?

Unless there is a hold on the item, most materials may be renewed three times.

If you have an item which cannot be renewed, we encourage you to return the item as soon as possible so it will be available for other patrons.  You are eligible to check the item out again after it has been on the shelf for 24 hours.

Where can I return items?

You can return items from the Tippecanoe County Public Library to any of our branches or to any of the four drop boxes at the Pay Less Super Markets in Tippecanoe County.   We have a courier who delivers items between our branches daily.  Never leave materials on top of, hanging out of, or next to the drops. You are responsible for any library materials that are lost, stolen or damaged due to an improper return.

How can I be notified when I have overdue items or when my holds come in?

For holds and overdue items, you may choose to be notified by:
o    Email
o    Short Text Message
o    Automated Phone Call

To change your notification preference, call us (765)429-0123 or ask us at the Circulation desk at any of our branches.

How do I place a hold on an item?

If the item you want is not available, you may place a hold on it in person at any library, over the phone, or online through TIPCAT.  Please have your library card and PIN available when placing holds. When a hold becomes available, we will notify you according to the preference specified on your account.

When you place the hold, you may specify a branch for pick up. Once you are notified that a hold is available, you will have five days to pick it up. If you are unsure about whether a hold has come in for you, you may call Circulation Services at (765)429-0123 or check your account online through TIPCAT.

Can I suspend my holds?

A suspension is only necessary for dates you will not be able to pick up an item, so if you are going on vacation for a few weeks, this can be a good way to avoid missing your holds.  A suspension will keep your place in the holds queue.

You should see suspension dates both when you first place the hold and again in your account on TIPCAT.  Please be aware that a suspension must be placed before an item becomes available for pickup.

What if the library doesn’t have what I want?

If the library does not have the item you would like, we may still be able to get it for you. You may ask a member of our reference staff to place a request from another library for the item or to make a purchase request for our collection.

How does the library protect my privacy?

Indiana law [IC 5-14-3-4 (b)16] requires all records of your use of library materials and services be kept strictly confidential.  TCPL staff will not disclose such records to any third party without a valid court order.  This includes spouses or adult children. The library also accords these same rights to minors.  We do however recognize that a parent or guardian is responsible for any charges accrued on a minor’s card.  We allow a parent or guardian to access a minor’s account on the condition that they have the minor’s card in hand OR on condition that the minor is present.

This commitment to confidentiality may sometimes seem inconvenient, but it ensures that your use of the library remains your business.  To protect your privacy and control over materials charged to your account, please do not share your card. Report lost cards to circulation services immediately by calling (765)429-0123.