Reaching Out to the TCPL communities

A large focus of the TCPL mission is to serve the communities in the Tippecanoe County Public Library district. To help us do that, the library provides a variety of services that focus specifically on customers who do not have convenient access to a library building.

Our trained, motivated staff and team of volunteers make visits to facilities throughout Tippecanoe County, as well as providing services to homebound residents who are not able to visit the library themselves.  Offering this vital link to library services means greater enrichment and a better quality of life.

Services Available:

The library may create and maintain small collections of used materials in locations around the community. These collections are free to take from and donate to and are refreshed on a periodic basis. Great option for institutions that would like to provide materials but don’t want to worry about the fines or fees that may be associated with a Deposit Collection.

Library staff can come and speak to your group about a variety of topics or present a program such as a story-time or book talk. We would also be happy to come and train individuals or small groups to use library resources.

The library may attend your event and provide a number of services ranging from a literature drop to the full library experience with the Community Outreach Vehicle. Look for us at local festivals for examples of what all we can do.

Library employees hand pick and deliver library materials on a monthly basis to nursing homes, daycares and other institutions. This service is free and available to institutions that possess a valid Tippecanoe County Public Library card. Institutional borrowers are responsible for any materials delivered to them.

The Community Outreach Vehicle will make regular monthly stops in areas without a nearby library branch. New stops are considered based on a number of factors including attendance at test runs and available library staffing. Visitors may get a library card, browse and checkout materials on the vehicle and use the WIFI.

The Library Link Program is a free service to customers in Tippecanoe County. Individuals who due to extended illness, physical disabilities, or other circumstances cannot take advantage of library services at a library branch or through the Mobile Library, can have library materials delivered directly to them. Library Link customers are matched with a volunteer who brings library materials on a monthly basis.

Visually impaired customers or those with a disability that prevents use of standard library materials may be eligible to borrow from the Indiana Talking Book and Braille Library. This service provides digital talking books and digital players. It also offers Braille, large type books, and magazines. TCPL maintains a deposit collection of talking books that are for use with the Indiana State Library-issued players. For more information, call (765)429-0113 or visit the Indiana Talking Book and Braille Library Website.

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to serve our community. Think of something not on here? Let us know and we will consider it.

Outreach Service Request Form

Requests must be received at least two weeks prior to the event. Availability is limited by library staffing and other commitments. We will make every attempt to acknowledge your request within two business days and to confirm the reservation at least one week before the event.