TCPL and the classroom go hand in hand

TCPL wants to help area educators make the most of the library and the resources we offer students. Below is a list of services we offer educators. If you have a question about any of these services, contact us today.

Educator Services

If students from your class need specific library resources for an assignment, let us know in advance so that we can suggest a range of sources and provide the best service possible.

Contact us at least 24 hours in advance when a single student needs information, or a week in advance for a class.

Bring your class to the Downtown Library, the Klondike Branch, or the Wyandotte Branch for a field trip. Please schedule early for your choice of day and time. We understand that schools might be limited on yearly field trips. Remember that we can bring a program to you.

See Tour Tips below for more information.

Educators may borrow a collection of materials to supplement the resources of their school media center. The collection may be for recreational use, or it may be a subject collection related to a class unit. To request a collection, call two days (or more) ahead and let us know the following information:

  • Subject(s) of collection
  • Grade and reading level
  • Number of items (You may borrow up to 40 items; only 20 per subject)
  • Loan period–2 weeks or 4 weeks. 4 week loans must be designated at checkout time.

You should know that:

  • Collections will only be filled Monday through Friday at the Downtown Library.
  • You may request a collection as often as you wish.
  • The collection may include CDs, magazines, and DVDs.
  • Duplicate copies of the same title are not available.
  • There may be limits on holiday books.
  • There may be limited availability on popular subjects certain times of the year. Such as pumpkin and leaf books during the fall, penguin and snow books during winter, bug books during spring, etc.

We are happy to speak at educator meetings, parent groups, or other adult groups. Your group might be interested in hearing about library services, new children’s books, ways parents can encourage children to read, learning activities based on children’s books, or technology and education. If your topic is not listed here, call 429-0119 to inquire.

Outreach services provides mobile library stops throughout the county. Please contact Outreach Services (429-0169) if interested in having a special visit from the mobile library. When scheduling permits, outreach staff are delighted to provide a “field trip” experience on the mobile library.

Tours and Library Visits:

We are pleased that you have chosen to introduce your students to the public library. By working together we can craft an effective field trip and build a class of lifelong library users.

The best way to promote the public library habit is for your students to obtain/bring their own library cards and check materials out during their visit. We encourage you to arrange your tour so that they can do this, though we recognize that it may not always be possible.

The operational tips below are designed to help your visit with us go smoothly.

We can accommodate many types of library visits.
Possible programs include:

  • Special book themes (award winners, biographies, pioneers, etc.) as storytimes or booktalks.
  • An introduction to library use and how to care for library books.
  • A tour of the Youth Room.
  • A tour of the entire library.
  • Browsing and Check-out.
  • Introduction to library research.
  • Group instruction on the library’s electronic resources.
  • Feel free to contact us with suggestions for other services.

Please schedule your visit at least two weeks in advance for your choice of time and day. Thirty or fewer students per visit is preferred but we can accommodate up to 60.

If you would like your students to have library cards, you can pick up blank applications when you schedule your visit. In order for us to make the library cards in time, you must return the completed applications 14 days before your visit.  They will need to be delivered to the Circulation Staff.

In order to get library cards for your class you will need to schedule a library visit so we can explain the rules and responsibilities of owning a library card. Either we can come to your class or you can bring your class to the library. For more information please contact our Circulation Department at 765-429-0123.

Inform your chaperones of what their responsibilities will be during the tour. Here are some possibilities: If your students are checking out, it’s a good idea to have an adult at the circulation desk to guide them back to the Youth Room or into line for the bus. Larger groups should plan to line up or organize in an area out of the way of other customers. We will be happy to help with this process.

Let students know what they can do during browsing time and how long they can browse. Because the Youth Computers are often busy, you should know that they may not be available during your visit. Part of our mission is to help every reader find the right book.

Decide in advance if you want to set any limits on what kind or how many items your students check out. Budget at least an extra 30 minutes if your class will be checking out (longer for groups larger than 30). Teachers using their own card for check-out are advised that they are responsible for the return of any and all materials.

You are responsible for the safety and discipline of your students. All library users must follow our Building Use Policy. Library Staff are responsible for the library program during your visit.

Please feel free to call us in the event that changes become necessary. We can make tours shorter or add browsing or check-out time if needed. We are also happy to choose stories that reflect a desired theme.

If you or your students require special assistance, please let us know.