Library Safety for your child

Library safety for you and your family is a top priority for Tippcanoe County Public Library. For our youngest customers, TCPL wants the library to be a warm, inviting to enjoy and discover a love of reading. In order to make this happen we have established the following sets of criteria for keeping children safe both physically and online.

In order to provide a welcoming environment conducive to library use:

  • The library does not provide child care or latchkey care.

  • Children under 6 years of age must have a parent or adult caregiver stay with them.

  • Children ages 6 through 10 years of age who are unable to get home by themselves must have a parent or adult caregiver in the library with them.

  • Children with suspected communicable diseases will be asked to leave the library.

  • Children being disruptive will be warned; then they will be asked to leave the library.

  • Police and/or Child Protective Services will be contacted immediately when unattended minors who are unable to get home by themselves are left on library premises/property at closing.

The Tippecanoe County Public Library reserves the right to limit stays by unattended minors. Child Protective Services will be contacted in cases of unsupervised children.

See also Tippecanoe County Public Library’s Building Use Policy.

Youth Department Internet Usage

These are the rules we use with everyone who uses the Internet in the Youth Department. We encourage families to create their own set of rules for using the Internet at home.

I agree to follow these rules when using Youth Internet Computers:

  • I will not give out personal information such as my address, telephone number, guardian’s work address/telephone number, or the name and location of my school, without my guardian’s permission.

  • I will not use social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.

  • I will tell my guardian or staff member right away if I find something that makes me uncomfortable, worried, or scared.

  • I will not visit inappropriate sites, for example, sites that show people without clothes on.

  • I will not be involved in anything illegal i.e. malware, stalking, gambling, or identity theft.

  • I will not use bad language or profanity to try to hurt or scare anyone.

  • I will not enter files or systems that are restricted.

  • I will not add my own programs or materials onto the computer resources

  • I will pay for any printouts that I make. ($0.50 for color and $0.10 for black and white)

  • I will follow the rules for signing up and leave the computer resources promptly when my time is up. I understand that if I break these rules, I will lose Internet use on the Youth Computers.